ERP Solutions

Optimize business processes and resources, improve performance.

The implementation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) allows the optimization of business processes and resources, improving overall performance or in certain critical aspects, making business processes convergent and integrated, consistent databases.

Odoo is a modular cloud ERP that allows coordinated and efficient management of the various functions and company departments, whose implementation can be gradual and follow the growth of the company in a balanced way.
Apulia Software is Odoo's Gold Partner and accompanies companies in all phases of the system's implementation.

First phase: company analysis and definition of clear and common goals

Apulia Software identifies with the specific company reality for an objective observation of the organization, management and level of computerization.

Together with the management and IT, the objectives for the deployment of the ERP system are clearly and precisely defined, as well as the tools and the schedule to achieve them, both in terms of software and training of employees.

If needed, a gap analysis is performed to identify the difference between the specific business requirements and the Odoo standard software to evaluate the options, schedule and cost for custom software development, for example based on the frequency of use of a particular function.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

 Second phase: development and installation

The development of additional software and the installation of Odoo will be carried out by Apulia Software according to the roadmap agreed with the company.

Software maintenance is sporadic and physiologically limited for an ERP as powerful and advanced as Odoo.

The installation can be performed on the cloud platform or on-site on a dedicated server, depending on the needs of the client company.


Apulia Software performs the appropriate configuration of Odoo remotely or at the customer's company, with the aim of setting all the parameters correctly and performing the initial setup of the ERP system, activating all the required and agreed modules, with the possibility of activating other modules at any time, of course, depending on the growth of the company and the change in its needs.
Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Customer software development

Odoo is a truly complete and powerful modular ERP, so it is often possible to fully meet business needs by drawing from the constantly updated repertoire of solutions already in management's repertoire.

When this is not possible and the company's needs require it, Apulia Software develops specific custom applications that can fully meet even the most specific and complex requirements.

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