Odoo's modular and customizable versatility makes it a winner in any context.

Over the years, Apulia Software has accompanied companies from various economic sectors in a process of management innovation based on the correct and personalized introduction Odoo, the ERP in the cloud that grows with your needs: here is a selection of short successful case histories.


Industrial robotics

Company specialized in the manufacture and installation of industrial robots of any type and use. In particular, it manages production, projects, resource and logistics planning, CRM and the entire cycle of fiscal accounting. Various customizations have been developed to meet the monitoring and tracking needs of the robots produced, in use by customers.
Provider VoIP / ISP / WISP

Providers of ADSL, VoIP, VirtualFax and telephony services, generally operating throughout the national territory. This type of company needs a solution closely related to CRM and subscription sales management. It also has a commission flow with different types of calculation based on the product / customers / territory / volumes.
Telecommunications / Plant engineering

Company specialized in the telecommunications industry. Using Odoo to manage MRP with multi-level BOM (customized to internal customer specifications), procurement management and automatic reordering of components, and asset and liability cycle with accounting management.
Production of heating systems for the automotive industry

Company constantly engaged in the design, construction and sale of electromagnetic induction heaters that can meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.


WEB services - management control

European leader in the design and implementation of Internet portals and multimedia videos for institutional users, receives from Odoo a reliable management control with the recording of margins and costs for individual orders and the verification of the relevance of the sales budget for each national market in Europe.
Telephony - CRM - agent management, business contacts

With Odoo, the company manages the entire CRM cycle, ensures access and exchange of information between the head office and the sales representatives even when they are on the road, calculates the commissions for the representatives every month and settles the commissions for the carriers.
Waste - disposal - recycling

S.p.A. is equipped with several production lines dedicated to the recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous electrical and electronic equipment that is no longer used.The plant guarantees an environmentally friendly disposal of the waste and, at the same time, a maximum valorization of the recovered fractions, which are put back on the market as materials for a new life.Today, the plant is a leader in southern Italy, both in terms of volumes handled and logistical coverage.



Strategic partner for the aerospace industry with management implemented on Odoo for design, production and management control.


Production and maintenance of power generators

The company is engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of generators of the highest quality, characterized by excellent mechanical and acoustic properties. It manages internally the entire production process, from the design to the testing of the generators, responding promptly to the specific needs of each customer with a lean and efficient company organization.
Plastic / polymer production

The company distributes plastic materials for the food, aerospace and industrial sectors in general. With Odoo it manages recycling of processing waste, calculation of reorders, crm, accounting with final export to Zucchetti software for accountants.

Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals


Microbial biotechnology, from research & development to industrialization of highly innovative microbial formulations and optimization of industrial fermentation processes.

The company's goal is to solve the problems in the uro-andrological and gynecological field.It strives to become a leader in this market by marketing medicines and parapharmaceuticals with innovative formulations, focusing on research to promote well-being.Company always attentive to the needs arising from the modern concept of well-being, through scientific collaboration with the medical class is able to respond in advance to the needs of patients.



The company offers 360-degree service in the field of building renovation, supplying doors, windows, parquet, stoves, boilers, fireplaces, wooden structures, garden furniture, slats for doors and windows, as well as beams, slats in noble essence and attics.
Mosquito nets - Window manufacturers - Fittings

Leading company in the production of insect screens based in Grottaglie, thanks to Odoo and the open source technology of its framework it was possible to implement the customized production flow according to the strict requirements of the company.The production machines are connected via TCP/IP or RS232 to the production management system, which manages the type of production associated with color variants, mesh variants, external processing and painting cycles, sales agents by territory and connection with the main Italian carriers.


Centre for innovative business culture
University of Salento Lecce

It is a college institution that plays the role of an incubator for startups. Odoo is used both to manage the business cycles of individual startups and as a teaching tool for students of computer science and industrial engineering.
CME / Training Courses

Management and organization of training courses with related training documentation and diplomas at the end of the course.Accreditation procedures in ministerial structures.Analytics and management control.


Logistics and transport - fleet management, human resources, planning, borderò

With Odoo, the company manages the entire logistics and transport cycle with exchanges between transport partners for mixed routes. Access and exchange of information between the head office and the vehicles/transporters is also guaranteed on the road.Management control.


Textile, manufacturing

Specializes in the production of accessories for the fashion world. With Odoo, it manages and integrates the entire business cycle, scheduling production, orders with suppliers, third-party processing, management of mobile representatives and the second office in Napoli.


Chocolate / confectionery production

Chocolate production line, Odoo is used to manage operations related to production, packaging traceability and retail shop management via POS.

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