AFE - Electronic invoicing

The complete system for your electronic invoicing.An integral and fast solution for issuing your invoices.Ready-to-use OpenERP and Odoo connector.Available simple APIs for any other management. 

Fatturazione elettronica con firma digitale e conservazione sostitutiva a norma, integrata in Odoo, secondo la normativa italiana.
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It works with any management system

The AFE engine allows you to connect your management system and use our electronic invoicing service via simple APIs. We already have a connector for OpenERP and Odoo.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Simplified transmission and storage

AFE simplifies the issuance and receipt of invoices and guarantees digital storage for 10 years. Do you issue numerous invoices? Then handle the entire process with just a few clicks.

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Don't have a manager yet?

Don't worry, log on to and enter your company details. From the estimate you'll have at your disposal a complete electronic invoicing system.


One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the difference with the services offered by the tax authority.Let us see in detail why you should choose AFE.

Tax offices


  • Support
    No special support.High response times.
  • Integration
    None, operations must be performed manually by the user.
  • Litigation
    In this case, your data is in the possession of the other party.
  • Automation
    None, the operations must be performed manually by the user.

ELECTRA Fatturazione Elettronica


  • Support
    AFE provides digital support, FAQs, manuals, and training videos.You can also choose a service plan.
  • Integration
    We provide the API and all useful documentation.
  • Litigation
    For any business management software, AFE guarantees the accessibility of your documents in any case.
  • Automation
    With AFE it is possible to automate the entire process.

Do you need to issue electronic invoices and want a complete and fast solution? 
We offer you the complete solution 

                Status overview integrated into the invoice mask
                System-integrated error notifications
                Dashboard with overview of invoices to be sent/incorrect invoices
                Massive and above all asynchronous sending of invoices (can process large quantities without blocking)
                Integrated spare parts storage
                Sending of periodically scheduled xmls to the accountant