Apulia Software

Business innovation and digital security on a human scale.

Apulia Software improves the overall quality of companies managing their business by optimizing all business processes and adapting the digital infrastructure to the new criteria of Industry 4.0, offering the best ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions in the cloud thanks to its partnership with  Odoo.
By working closely with our customers, we're able to assess the needs of each company and develop a specific growth and innovation plan for each business.

The first step on this path is to ensure enterprise security, which, in addition to the physical protection of employees, must also protect the data and digital confidentiality of the company by ensuring the "security perimeter" - or cybersecurity - that protects the digital infrastructures and IoT machines of the modern enterprise 4.0.
We therefore improve the company's performance through innovative management solutions, providing our customers with continuous support and dedicated training, designing a specific, customized path with a consistent increase in productivity, revenue and margins, all supported by a simple management system (ERP), fast, modular and innovative.

Apulia Software takes care of the innovation and business restructuring processes from the point of view of Industry 4.0, increasing the competitiveness of your company thanks to the twenty years of experience of its partners, Giuseppe D'Alò and Andrea Cometa, who in 2014 pooled their resources and skills to present themselves on the national and international market from Apulia with a comprehensive value proposition. 

We are like the olive tree

It is impossible to imagine the Apulian landscape without the olive tree, where there are also numerous centuries-old specimens.

The olive tree is patient, generous, tenacious and above all resistant, a quality invaluable to adapt to constant changes and always make the most of the environment.

Although Apulia Software is a company with a high technological and innovative level, it has chosen the olive tree as its symbol because of its characteristic features and how it is deeply rooted in Puglia and the Mediterranean area, but also produces fruit that goes far beyond.
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Odoo Italy

Since 2009, the partners of Apulia Software have been partners of  Odoo,the best open source ERP in the cloud on the world market.
Andrea Cometa, founding partner of Apulia Software, is President of Odoo Italia Association since 2019.

Since 2020 Apulia Software is one of the few Italian Gold Partners of Odoo, confirming a constant path of professional growth, always at the side of companies with specific advice and support on Enterprise Resource Planning.

Apulia Software lets you discover the various modular functions of Odoo - from CRM to warehouse, from purchasing to sales, from automated marketing to human resources and much more - to fully exploit the potential for your company in all business areas.
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A green philosophy in business management

Apulia Software reorganizes its clients' business processes to make them more efficient and improve the use of resources in every department and function.

A more efficient company is also greener, radically reducing material and energy waste and limiting the production of waste, thanks to supply chain optimization and a just-in-time approach to deliveries, warehouses and shipments, better management of customer and sales staff travel, and much more.

Tell us how you envision the future of your business.

We'll help you to realize it step by step